Content Management and E-Learning Systems

I filled the roles of the Information Architect, Sr. Designer and Lead Developer as I upgraded outdated legacy Content Management and E-Learning Systems. Integration of legacy data with modern application user interfaces can extend the life of existing data stores while transitioning from legacy processes to modern workflows. I really enjoy the challenges presented by the data formatting and conversions that are required when working on  these types of projects.

Metaverse Developer Curriculum

The world of virtual reality and the Metaverse (also known as XR) can be quite confusing to new students. My pathway guides them along every step...Students will have fun while learning to create the Metaverse by working on real projects that they can add to their portfolio. They will gain valuable knowlege in design and development for the Metaverse, as well as preparing to enter the workforce...

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Form Automation

As complex paperless forms become full fledged web applications, there is a growing need for automation such as  having a form available to be used from a certain date/time range. For example,  a health insurance sign up that opens on December 1 at 9:00 AM and closes on December 24th at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

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Form Wizard

 After years of making forms into applications, I have come up with  an algorithm to plug into any form or content that will transform it into a paperless web application with the following features...

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Banner and Slider Admin Control Panel

Due to my years of experience designing custom content management systems, I have been tasked with creating a plug in to the cms at Skagit Valley College that will allow staff to administer their respective home page image sliders via a web based admin control panel. Features include list of slides, ability to upload new slides, delete slides, arrange the sequence of the slides, and control the display of the slides.

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CMS Modernization Techniques: Inline Edit

...I have a table of data, and the user needs to be able to edit the “Description” Field. Rather than take the user away from this ui view, I wish to enable “Inline Editing” like many powerful applications are offering these days... The first step is to assign functions to the correct fields and capture the users input events. The user would click on the field to select it, so lets set up a doc delegate event to capture a click on the description field...

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Faculty Website Administration

Our legacy content management system was failing fast. But the back end data management system was still rock solid and had many years left. ... Using the modern techniques I had learned while studying for my MIT degree I designed and developed a simple way for faculty to add content to their website. It consists of a highly accessible web-based text editor that can be used to add text and images. I also provided thorough documentation for using the system.

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