UI/UX design and development

Research on the results of surveys about my UI/UX Designs shows that Human Computer Interaction is dramatically enhanced through my responsive designs that reduce and even eliminate the edge case user stories. From designing the first digital media player on the web all the way through to mitigating the death of Flash, my user interface designs will stand the test of time

Data Visualization Techniques

I was tasked to visualize the data from years of students using the Fitness Center. I worked with C# and SQL server to make make charts from the data. I used Visual Studio to create a  WebForms Application and deployed to IIS server. I was able to leverage active directory to provide integrated authentication to this resource.

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Mobile User Interface Prototype

I have designed several UI Prototypes for many device formfactors. From desktop to the phone, a large amount of research has been compiled regarding my user experience designs. Examining the results shows that my designs are considered intuitive, responsive and even enjoyable to interact with.

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Skagit Valley College Educational Planning Tool

... Integrated student and class data from legacy systems using a custom built api to convert the data between modern display style and the legacy storage style.
...overcome obstacles related to the formatting of the legacy data such as converting dates and times into human readable text. Also creating conversion algorithms to deal with ...

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Day Of The Week Selector

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines were developed through a Milestones process by W3C in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world.They have published a set of standards that all public serving institutions must follow when providing content to users via the internet.At Skagit Valley College I was asked by the Disability Coordinator to come up with a solution for selecting the days of the week from a control on a page of the web application.

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Calendar Date Picker

Due to the strict Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for institutions that serve public internet content to users around the world, I am updating some legacy apps to use a date picker to allow user to enter their birthdate. After some research I’ve decided that the jQuery UI datepicker would be the perfect thing to use due to its ability to work in almost every browser that exists.

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