Multimedia Production

Here are samples of new media graphic art designs, multimedia productions, animations, games and special effects. I have been told by my instructors and employers that I have an eye for creating exciting user experiences that are enhanced using multimedia. I have also demonstrated the ability to create something unique and exciting within the restraints of an established brand or identity.


For my final project in Adobe Illustrator class, I decided to show off my creative side, and design some clothes. I look forward to designing and releasing a line someday.

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3D Metaverse Script, Sculpt, Model and Design

I have a wide variety of Metaverse scripting skills, as well as 3D sculpting, modeling and design. Please check out the samples by clicking "learn more".

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Custom Stationary Designs

Here is  a design for a Custom Letterhead and envelope. 
There is also a business card front and back.

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Live Video Game Capture

Here is a demonstration of my system to capture live video game play and create a multimedia production from it. I captured the video, edited, and produced  it with graphics and effects using Adobe Premiere and AfterFx.

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Budget Request Form

The Student Life services at Skagit Valley college offer clubs to the students. This service and activities organization requires certain paperwork for the club and organization to stay active and receive funds. The S&A Budget Request Form is a major source of paperwork for these clubs. I have been tasked to create an online form to replace the paper trail for this subject. The forms are very complex with a lot of required information and many dynamically generated fields. This lead to some very complicated problems to solve using my test driven development techniques.

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Student Club Roster Form

I was assigned the task of turning the Student Club Roster Form paperwork into a paperless web application. This was a challenging project involving a lot of dynamic elements and on the fly data validation.

I created a day of the week chooser to hide some intrusive and unintuitive form checkboxes and turn it into a slick ui with a responsive modern design.

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